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Mother and Son

Welcome back to sleep!

Miss those evening hours to relax and unwind? Get your sleep back!

Your day naps do not need to be a struggle

Your child can learn independent sleep skills to start sleeping through the night 

Your family can all benefit from restorative sleep

You can get your family back on track feeling well rested, rejuvenated and

ready to appreciate parenthood!


Hey there - I'm Nissana

Some call me The Pediatrician's Daughter.

I am a mom, just like you. I have two little boys, who keep me pretty busy, but are now splendid sleepers just like me. During their naps you can find me curled up on the couch reading a historical fiction book with a chai tea. 

I was empowered by my father, The Pediatrician, to use healthy fundamentals of sleep for my little ones from the beginning. That's not to say we haven't had our fair share of sleep exhaustion from sicknesses and regressions, but we now had the guidance to navigate those sleepless nights. 


After accomplishing sleep with two different kinds of little sleepers and assisting others along their journey to rediscover sleep, I am on a mission to help empower, support and guide moms on their journeys as well. 

Mother with her Child

Motherhood Managed

Lets reacquaint ourselves with the motherhood we all deserve. One where we are well rested and able to appreciate all of our little one's special moments. 

Say goodbye to a day full of attempted naps.

Say goodbye to a night lacking sleep.

Say goodbye to an overtired cycle for the whole family. 

Let's welcome back the sleep we so cherish.

The one that rejuvinates our souls. 

Say hello to a brighter day after a rested night. 


Sleep Packages


4 - 17  months

Say goodbye to nap struggles, early risings and sleepless nights and start implementing positive sleep habits that will last a lifetime!


0 - 3.5  months

Let's set up healthy and safe sleep hygiene and learn the basics for successful sleep!


18 months - 3 years

Rediscover sleep while navigating separation anxiety, crib-to-bed transitions and bedtime battles

4-5 Years

Navigate their growing independence surrounding sleep, no nap schedules and nightmares.

Strategy Call:

Looking for something more specific? Maybe you just need some fine-tuning for your already sleeping baby, or just have a few simple questions troubleshooting, then an hourly call may be the right one for you!

Mother Holding Baby's Hand
Baby Sleeping

Sleep Philosophy

Babies need proper, healthy and restorative sleep even more than we do, in order to help the development of their brain, emotional well being and everything in between.

I use a scientific and evidence based approach when working with children. I don't believe that it is one-size-fits-all because I believe that each kid is unique to who they are and their circumstances. 

When you work with me you gain a better understanding of sleep, receive a sleep plan dedicated to you and your child's needs, as well as my support throughout the process. My goal is to get your whole family sleeping soundly throughout the night so that everyone is rejuvenated, thriving and functioning at their best. 

"Nissana's thoughts and process were clear and organized. She divided up the call into 4 parts and left room for me to ask questions at the end. She explained the terms thoroughly and I also liked that she spent time asking me about my baby's unique issue (double hip dysplasia with hip harness). I felt supported in what I wanted to gain out of the consultation. (i.e. sometimes the "expert" would want to push her way but Nissana was not like that, as she asked me what I preferred and what I was comfortable with.) She also made me feel more confident as a mother by expressing that I was already doing a good job which was really nice to hear.  ;) We appreciated that she gave clear goals and comprehensive advice that focused on helping our baby from all facets. The follow up guide and example schedules are a perfect way for me to put her advice to action now and for the next stage as well. It was exactly what I needed and I would highly recommend!"

Samantha Gindi

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