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Let me introduce you to The Daughter - Nissana!


Shortly after starting the podcasts with my father, The Pediatrician, he succumbed to his illness, Lateral Sclerosis, and we were unable to continue documenting and sharing his tips, tricks and words of wisdom for his patients and anyone else who could have benefitted from his comforting advice. 

After his passing in late 2020, I decided to continue his legacy and get certified as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and hopefully only grow from there, and be able to continue to help so many other parents out there get a better night's sleep for them and their babies. With everything I have learned in my courses, from my own experiences with two wildly different children as well as the treasure trove of suggestions from my father, I started The Pediatrician's Daughter. That's how I went from the pediatrician's daughter to The Pediatrician's Daughter.

When I am not helping families through their sleep deprivations, you can find me drinking chai tea, reading mostly historical fiction, baking sourdough and spending quality time with my family. 


Hi there! My name is Nissana and I am the founder of The Pediatrician's Daughter.  I am a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and a mom of two. The Pediatrician's Daughter started shortly before I had my second child, in the beginning of 2020, with a different objective in mind. The goal was to interview and record in podcasts, an expert in Pediatrics, someone I admired immensely and a giant in his community - my father Dr. David Boxstein MD of Blessed Memory. So many people value the information, the comfort and clarity they received from him. Though he was fondly referred to as a dinosaur, he was always on the cutting edge of everything pertaining to Pediatrics; From premies to adolescence, ranging from physical to behavioral and emotional developmental needs. ... He was on the cutting edge.

As a new mom, I found my father's advice to be invaluable. His mentorship with mothers included encouragement, empowerment and education. He taught parents how to trust their instincts, how to respond to their children's needs and know what to do in the future. He always explained what the upcoming developmental stages were so that caregivers knew exactly what to expect and how to guide their children to reach those milestones. He wasn't just a doctor. He was everyones best friend, speed dial contact, and human google. I knew I was in good hands when I had my first child, because I knew I had him to help guide me through all the new changes. I was comfortable with everything I did in terms of nursing, sleep "training" and the like, because I had his counsel. Friends and peers even started coming to me for my opinion because I was in fact the pediatrician's daughter. 

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