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ebook Sleep Guides

Most of the time your child will be doing what they are supposed to, behaviorally and developmentally. However, I know how helpful it can be to have a guide to refer back to for simple troubleshooting when necessary.

Reference Guides for those specific stages or struggles


Newborn Basics

A Guide

Your all-in-one guide for what to expect in the first 3 months. From feedings and schedules to development and sleep behaviors. A quick summary to help empower young parents navigating the fourth trimester.

Happy Baby

Infant Nap Struggles

A Guide

Your all-in-one guide for what to expect with your infant's naps starting with the 4 month regression. How to handle each progression, nap transitions, and stretching short naps, this is your ultimate reference book for all things naps.

Toddler Peeking Over Bed Quilt2

Bedtime Battles

A Guide

Your survival kit on how to handle toddlers and their bedtime resistances. This covers a lot of behavioral patterns as well as separation anxieties at this stage with methods to help handle the bedtime game.


Little Girl in Car

Traveling Techniques

A Guide

Your survival kit on handling traveling with your child, in the car, on a plane or anywhere you decide to take them. From time zone changes, to gadget recommendations, this truly is a guide every parent needs!