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infant Support

4-17 months

Say goodbye to nap struggles and sleepless nights!

Having a baby that wont take their naps, is constantly overtired, and waking up multiple times per night, can be exhausting and limit the joys of parenthood. Let's embrace the possibly of a restful night for both you and your child.

Sleep goals I can help you achieve

- Independent sleep skills so you and your baby can sleep through the night
- Longer and more consistent naps
- Weaning night feeds and/or pacifier use
- Transitioning baby to their crib from either the bassinet or parent's bed
Eliminate early risings or multiple night wakings

Infant Sleep support Basic | $295

- 1 hour virtual consultation
- Custom sleep plan
- 1 week unlimited text support (during normal business hours)
- 1 x 20 min check in call

Infant Sleep support plus | $515

- 1 hour virtual consultation
- Custom sleep plan
- 2 weeks unlimited text support (during normal business hours)
- 2 x 20 min check in calls
- 1 night time text support


Infant Sleep support Deluxe | $750

- 1 hour virtual consultations
- Custom sleep plan
- 4 weeks unlimited text support (during normal business hours)
- 4 x 20 min check in calls
- 2 night time text support

- eBook on Infant Nap Struggles

" My son is an amazing sleeper - now, but he didn't start that way.

My son was born with the energy of a thousand baby puppies. This means he is 
ridiculously fun to hang out with, but when his tiny body needed to rest, he had no idea how to get his mind there. This made it... less fun to hang out with him. His naps were all over the place, and even though he could sleep at night, when we couldn't get him down for a nap, he was miserable during the day. My husband and I spent hours picking him him up and putting him down and we started to get a good groove at about four months. But when he was almost a year old, he started to wake up again in the middle of the night for long stretches. He was still sleeping most of the night, but 4AM wake ups were not part of mine or my husband's schedules. 

I thought sleep consultation was only for newborns, but now with an 11 month old, I realize that each new stage your baby grows through comes with sleep adjustments, and sometimes all it takes is an hour or two with a professional to help parents quickly pinpoint what's stopping their kid (and them) from amazing sleep. 

What was great about working with Nissana was that, even though we weren't in dire need of sleep and our son was sleeping most of the night, she took his naps as serious as his nighttime sleep. She asked us about his sleep patterns, his eating schedule, his moods, his sleep routine and immediately worked out his wake windows. She helped us move his schedule around to accommodate his growth, and he's back to sleeping 6:30pm-6:30am! (most nights ;) ). Bonus - she's so fun to speak to! "

Rebecca Rudick

infant supprt

Want to know if we would be a good fit?

Book a free 20 minute discovery call today to see how we can work together and which sleep package is right for you.


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