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Happy Baby

infant Support

4-17 months

Say goodbye to nap struggles and sleepless nights!

Having a baby that wont take their naps, is constantly overtired, and waking up multiple times per night, can be exhausting and limit the joys of parenthood. Let's embrace the possibly of a restful night for both you and your child.

Sleep goals I can help you achieve

- Independent sleep skills so you and your baby can sleep through the night
- Longer and more consistent naps
- Weaning night feeds and/or pacifier use
- Transitioning baby to their crib from either the bassinet or parent's bed
Eliminate early risings or multiple night wakings

Infant Sleep support Basic | $295

- 1 hour virtual consultation
- Custom sleep plan
- 1 week unlimited text support (during normal business hours)
- 1 x 20 min check in call