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Family Love by a Mother and Her Two Daughters

Sleep Philosophy

"A well-spent day brings happy sleep"

Leonardo DaVinci

A day spent with proper routines, a structured schedule, consistency and developmentally stimulating activities will lead to better, more rejuvenated sleep in the long run. Let me help you get there.


Read more about my approach below. 


Sleep 101

Babies need proper, healthy and restorative sleep even more than we do, in order to help the development of their brain, emotional well being and everything in between.

I would never ask you to do anything that I as a other would not do for myself. I use a behavioral and developmental, evidence based approach when working with children. I don't believe that it is one-size-fits-all because I believe that each kid is unique to who they are and their circumstances. It is because of this that I cannot guarantee results in any specific time frame. However, I can offer you the tools you will need to help your little one sleep soundly throughout the night with long term habits that will withstand future regressions. This process is 75% you and 25% me. If you are committed to seeing results then you will put in the required effort. I am merely here to empower you as your educator, your guide and your cheerleader. 

I also believe that there is room for flexibility. While not every parent has a standard 9-5 job, and not everyone can handle the dedicated time 100% of the time, I work with you to make sure we follow an 80/20 rule where we try and be committed to our child's sleep 80% of the time and allow wriggle room the other 20%. 

When you work with me you gain a better understanding of sleep, receive a sleep plan dedicated to you and your child's needs, as well as my support throughout the process. My goal is to get your whole family sleeping soundly throughout the night so that everyone is rejuvenated, thriving and functioning at their best.


A Note About Crying:

My approach is so much more than whether or not I allow your baby to cry during the process. I am here to teach you how to translate those tears. To respond to those cries with care, love and compassion without feeling guilty. While I do not promote the Cry-It-Out Method, I do want parents to be aware that crying may be inevitable. That is not to say that I won't try and accommodate your needs and requests for little to no crying, but it is important to know that crying is a form of communication for babies.

Want to know if we would be a good fit?

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