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Is It Worth It To Hire A Sleep Consultant?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Let me guess. Your baby isn't sleeping. You've been up all night, and this is obviously not the first time either. You have spent countless nights trying to comfort and soothe your little one back to sleep by any means necessary so that you can at least get a little shut eye. If you are anything like me, you have searched everything possible on google asking questions like, "What are appropriate wake windows for my child?" and "What are the signs of a regression?" and even wondering out loud, "Will I ever sleep again?" You have probably even found a few popular sleep consultants on social media, started following them, checking all their posts for something pertaining to your current struggle. Maybe you have even signed up for some of their offered freebies upon opening their websites in the hopes that something will help you with your child. All at no cost to you except constant sleep deprivation.

I get it. Like I said before, I have been where you are. And the cross between your overtired self and your cranky child makes for some wonderful chaos. Wouldn't it feel so much better to have that whisper in your ear telling you that could get your child to sleep through the night? Wouldn't it be so amazing if you could have someone to hold your hand during the day and encourage you during those hard nap fights? And ultimately, wouldn't it be so satisfying to know that you can put your baby to sleep and then have the rest of the evening, night and early morning to yourself while your kid sleeps soundly? I know firsthand how incredible those whispers, the guidance and the ultimate peaceful nights are for myself. I want to be able to give that gift to other moms now too.

Often times people feel that there are so many books on sleep consulting, they just need to have one method recommended to them, or dig a little deeper and find a method that resonates with their parenting style. The problem, generally, with working off of a book, some social media pages, or a borrowed ebook that a friend paid for from a sleep consultants website, is that these things don't know your kid. They don't understand what your nights look like, what your child's naps look like, or what your schedule is like. When you work with a certified pediatric sleep consultant, like myself, you are working with someone familiar with the many different approaches to sleep "training", has a knowledge of sleep itself and the science behind it and can explain why and how your child may need help. You are working with a living, breathing person, who can accommodate your lifestyle, respond to the specific needs of your child, troubleshoot with you, and empower you in the process.

I think the most intimidating part of hiring a sleep consultant is that you don't know the person or are unfamiliar with the process. Hopefully I have resolved the first problem by explaining a bit about who I am on my website, provided pictures of myself and my family, and gave you an understanding of why I am a sleep consultant. Let me now familiarize you with the process of hiring a sleep consultant like myself. First and foremost, after perusing the website and finding that hook that sells you on working with me, you may want to take advantage of the 30 minute free discovery call that I offer. This call will essentially give you the comfort of "meeting" me as well as giving me some background and information about why you are reaching out. It is a quick call without any specific advice but to help me offer you a package that works for the both of us. A package that will meet all of your needs as well as a time frame I believe will provide the most overall success. Once we have settled on a package, you can go ahead and book the session. It is also possible that we will walk away from the call deciding that it may be a better fit to go elsewhere and hopefully I can provide you with some other consultants I know that would be a better fit.

Shortly after the session or package is booked and payment is confirmed, I will email you an intake form. It is in this form that I will truly learn the ins and outs of your daily schedule and routine and an in depth understanding of your family and this child's history. This is all crucial information for me to be able to guide you moving forward so I highly suggest that you spend the time properly filling it out. The one-hour session will be a time where I will review the intake form with you to make sure I have a clear understanding of your baby's background. I will then provide some sleep science or developmental milestones that contribute to behaviors, patterns and challenges. Then offer my advice on your schedule and sleep routine, and of course my support. It is at this point that any remaining questions can be asked and, time permitting, I can address them all. After the call, I will send you a follow up email with a custom sleep plan for your child, an overview of what we covered on the call and some future milestones to be aware of. If this is the end of the package you booked, then we have completed our session, and I sincerely hope you are satisfied. Should you have any further questions, or need just a little more support, I offer a few small purchasable "add-ons" such as a day or a night of unlimited texting (following pertinent business hours) or additional 20 minute check in calls. These add-ons are great for just following up on the one hour consultation, because often times you may feel like everything was covered on the call, but then something comes up that week that you don't know how to troubleshoot.

If you purchased a bundle, plus or deluxe package, then there is more to your package. You either receive an ebook to help you with your child's stage, texting support throughout the duration of the package, a few more check-in calls, or further in depth calls. Everything really works off of the package you choose and how your child responds to the changes. Regardless of the package you choose, I am always here for you and I want to be updated and informed about your child's progress. It is also super important to remember during these times, that all improvements, whether big or small, are victories that need to be celebrated. No progress will be at a steady or rapid incline. It will sometimes feel like a rollercoaster of two steps forward and one step back. But that is all part of the process, the adjustment and the changes. I am here to help celebrate each and every victory with you.

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