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The pediatrician's story

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David Aaron Boxstein was born in Portland, Maine on July 21, 1952, to Beverly Meltzer Boxstein and Gerald Boxstein. 

Locally, he was a graduate of the Portland Hebrew Day School, Lincoln Junior High School and finally Deering High School in 1970. In pursuit of a medical career, he then attended Brandeis University '74 in Massachusetts, Mount Sinai Medical School '78 in New York City and did his residency in Pediatrics in California at L.A. Children's Hospital. Settling with his family in North Hollywood, he practiced in Burbank CA for almost 40 years and was beloved by his patients and their families for his knowledge, compassion and intuition. 

"Celebrate Normalcy"


David died the evening of October 16, 2020 in Burbank CA from respiratory failure due to complications from a degenerative upper motor neuron disease that was diagnosed in 2015. 



As a former breastfeeding mother, I understand the intimate bond between mom and baby. As a sleep consultant, I know how important sleep is for a baby as well as the family. I will only guide you to eliminate night feeds or wean off of them if it is requested and the baby is healthy, gaining weight properly, etc. I will only advise regarding adjusting night feeds, what the science says about sleep and feeds and age appropriate milestones. You can expect me to be very understanding about your special connection and those precious moments, even if they keep you up at night. 



I believe in following where research has proven itself time and time again. In following in my fathers footsteps, I am deeply rooted in evidence and strive to learn a more scientific and medical approach. When working with me you will not only gain an understanding of sleep science which will help you understand my recommendations, but you will also feel empowered in your new found sleep knowledge to troubleshoot with any regressions in the future.  



I fully believe that all kids are unique. In part because of their parents and their unique parenting methods but also because of their own characteristics and their sleep personalities. it is for this reason that I can be flexible and adjust the sleep plan to make it more comfortable to your parenting style as well as to your lifestyle. I would never ask you to do something that I wouldn't do myself. I am a mother as well and I have had my fair share of sleepless nights with my kiddos. So I am here for you as a mentor, friend and personal sleep cheerleader

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I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all sleep "training" approach because I don't believe that all children are the same and need the same thing. When you work with me, we will help identify your goals, create a sleep plan that is custom made for you and your child and their needs. I take into account your child's age, their developmental progress, their daily environment as well as their sleep patterns. This snapshot will help me better develop a pan that works well for the whole family. If it is an extended package, we will work together to log the child's progress and touch base daily and make sure to make any necessary adjustments throughout. 

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