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Preschool Support

4-5 years

Independence Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

Struggling with the dropped nap?
Worried about naps or no naps at preschool?
Confused how to handle the nightmares?
There is a sleep 
consultant here to help guide you!

Sleep goals I can help you achieve

- Independent sleep skills so your child can fall asleep on their own and sleep through the night
- Dropping the nap, if haven't done so perviously

- Handling the dropped nap
- What to do if child still needs a nap
- Understand how to handle nightmares

- How to handle bed-wetting
- Working on parent/ child bedtime boundaries

Preschool Sleep support Basic | $295

- Initial sleep evaluation
- 1 hour virtual consultation
- Follow up email with advice, overview and customized Sleep Plan
- 1 week unlimited text support (during normal business hours)
- 1 x 20 min check in call

Preschool Sleep support plus | $515

- Initial sleep evaluation
- 1 hour virtual consultation
- Custom sleep plan
- 2 weeks unlimited text support (during normal business hours)
- 2 x 20 min check in calls
- 1 night time text support

Toddler Plans

"Nissana is an incredible sleep trainer! She was thorough, professional and kind from initial intake through final follow up. Nissana really took our family's needs and preferences into account the whole way through. The best part? our baby began sleeping through the night consistently within a month of putting Nissana's advice into action. I highly recommend that all exhausted parents work with Nissana!"

Michal Sklar

Want to know if we would be a good fit?

Book a free 20 minute discovery call today to see how we can work together and which sleep package is right for you.


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